Tuesday, 24 January 2012


its been a while....

why? lack of inclination... lack of imagination... lack of tings to say of a creative nature...
all of the above.
the busiest times are the most interesting times. less time to say it. but more to say.

lots of education work going on. and some new personal work.

a proper posting will follow soon.

lets just say this:

' just as rain penetrates an ill roofed house, so desire penetrates an underdeveloped mind.'
Dhammapada v. 13-14

The word desire does not only refer to sexual desire, but in the context of the Buddha’s teachings, it has a much broader meaning. There are two major movements of our minds when the mind is not at peace: “I want” or “I don’t want”. This verses address the enormous category of all the things we want badly enough to unsettle our minds, to make us careless of others and forget what might be best for ourselves.