Friday, 29 February 2008

nesting mice

Whilst looking for my paints and lustre powders today in the shed, I found that my box of blankets for papermaking and printing have become the winter home for mice. No sign of the little things, but lovely evidence that they have been there. I didn't get a picture but will update tomorrow with one.
Almost finished cousin's wedding/engagement piece today. It's ok. A bit more refinement needed tomorrow.
Boxes and crap are reducing. Work room getting messier. Shed getting emptier! I have to start turning it back into a summerplay house for Mia n friends soon. Realised it's only 4 weeks till summertime starts. Winter seemed short this year.

Monday, 25 February 2008

25.02.08 drawing

nest: digital sketch

Mosaic Monday - 1st one!

I do aim to do this each week. ;-)

Doing it

I am so inspired by Jodi's blog and her MFA project.
She does such a huge amount of work. I am ashamed too. I thought maybe to work with the idea of ritual. To start, a list of what I want to do this year.

1. (try to) draw every day
2. make only from stuff I already have

3. finish all outstanding garments
4. apply to 2 shows per month
5. apply to 6 residencies
6. comment more on blogs
7. get a website
8. once up-to-date, update website twice monthly
9. put new items in CITB twice monthly
10. re-evaluate stash, give some away
11. write letters. real ones. on nice paper.
12. clean out inbox twice monthly
13. ride my bike more
14. draw during meetings instead of doodling
15. eat less junk
16. go through clothes: Charity or refashion 30%
17. Get shelves for workroom
18. weed garden more
19. wash windows monthly
20. eat locally and in season
21. buy more produce at the farmers market
22. more local tourism
23. print at college two days a week

24. Join local printmakers group
25. go to bed earlier
26. less internet, more work in evenings
27. put my toys away when I'm finished with them
28. re-organize filing cabinet
29. eat less wheat

30. Eat less potatoes
31. Redo address book on pc and print and bind
32 Reuse old address books
33. Submissions to at least 4 publications
34. Finish painting my bedroom
35. Digitise CD and tape collection then get rid of unwanteds/damaged
36. listen to all records
37. socialize more with the other students
38. clean up my studio and keep the table clear
39. Shred all the paper for papermaking or rabbits

40. meet up in real life with 4 blog friends
41. post at least one photo every day to Facebook or Blog
42. Make at least one batch of preserves each month (seasonal)
43. eat less wheat
44. cook with Mia more often
45. read a contemporary novel or nonfiction per month
46. fold laundry the same day it gets washed
47. go to galleries more often
48. go to the doctor
49. reduce amount of plastics I buy
50. organize my big binder of recipes
51. try a new recipe from every cookbook I own
52. shoot more film

53. and get it developed the same month
54. make a good pair of trousers
55. get my tattoo
56. throw all my change in a jar and then do something fun with it
57. yoga/pilates 4 times a week
58. Drink less coffee

59. Stop smoking again
60. let go of petty angers and annoyances

61. laugh more
62. make more clothes with Mia
63. teach Mia more craft skills
64. finish photo archive
65. keep photo archive up to date
66. sort out CD roms
67. File paperwork weekly
68. Drink more water

I am sure there is more, but I will stop there.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Felt making.

It is not as easy as it at first seems! Not the result I had hope for, but at least I made something and it is keeping me warm today. It was a great day though. As well as making under Mandy's instruction, we had an informal crit and discussion about the work for Quebec exhibition. I must contact Nadia and Lise later to talk through our collaboration, if there is going to be one.

Back to it..

Having rested and recouperated in Thailand I now need to get to work.

Feltmaking this morning with the map girls, would like to make a Liz Clay-esq scarf... Will post images later!

I have been papermaking this week. Little nests and eggs. Not sure where it's going.