Thursday, 8 July 2010

failure and success

I managed to make 4 of the 5 inks I set out to do. The hawthorn was a failure. After filling the pig bladders (which were kind of like a piece of chicken, not so bad) I made small parchment and leather bags to put them in,
and tied tightly with suture. This was left hanging outside my window for 10 days to dry out. It smelt. It got contaminated with maggots. So I froze it, then cut it open the next day. Emptied out the frozen maggots. There was really nothing left with which I could try to make the ink. So although there was no end product, the process was totally fascinating.
Of the other 4,
the oak gall, or Gallo-tannic, was the most successful. A small sample of each ink was on display, in petite bottles from my dad's old dental kit box. Along side was a small book of process photographs and a sample of text written onto calf vellum that detailed the materials, processes and contributors.

Exhibition over. Distinction achieved. What now?

Continue the process -
no buying.
i am thinking of making lipstick next. or cigarettes. or soap. or shoes.