Saturday, 28 June 2008

La Friperie

The show went really well. All given out! Is it allowable for art to be this much fun?

Thursday, 26 June 2008

nest building is hard

How do birds begin? I had 3 attempts and it is still very precarious. This was the start of number 2.

Lovely Lynn who came and helped.

Entrance and Exit

It's tomorrow.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Bill of sale

I have made up 'Bills of Sale' for the dress exchange - onto the back of scrap posters left over from the gallery. The ink takes a while to dry but should be OK. I like the roughness of the print. I have also made up my visual diary now, again from the scrap posters. I will have a rehersal tonight to work out practicalities of the 'potlatch' event.
I have scanned some of the dresses - lots more to go!

Monday, 9 June 2008

Feeling VERY happy following a nice little tutorial with tutor.
I am now going to give away the dresses only on the opening night, then leave some evidence of what occcured in the show cases I have use of. It then becomes much more a performative piece. At the end of the show I will make a gesture of clearing eveything out, removing the evidence, wiping the disk, and leaving no trace.
Some stuff has been put into my store room today - not a lot, mainly branches and scrap paper! But it's fine. There will be more I am sure. Checking the skip each day too. I am not aiming to make a 'piece' of work with it, but to create my space, my environment, for the giveaway.
Have started making labels for the dresses.
I will also have t-shirts done by a student a long time ago - I know she won't mind, and anyway - its about 5 years ago and I have tried to trace her with no luck.
So there will be something for the boys and girls who aren't into dresses.
Still need a mirror....

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Indigo fun

Spent the evening Indigo dyeing in preparation for a workshop. Not done it for ages. really enjoyed myself! Also tried some green sage leaves. Looks good, but have left overnight so results tomorrow. Note to self - spend the summer building up a good range of natural dye samples.

Tomorrow is E-day - the start of my work for the exhibition. The BA shows come down, and I start to collect their remains to make something. My show is to be titled Fripperie - always loved the term since I first heard the lovely Georgia Volpe refer to it in Quebec.

'Tis very exciting and liberating - having no firm plan or idea what I am going to do, other than give away some great clothes. I will try to keep up my documentation on here.